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Inside Pokemon!

Are you done with Club Penguin?

Getting bored of all the same items and parties?

Try playing Pokemon!

Pokemon is an amazing world full of creatures that know many cool attacks!

Battle, Compete, and Trade your own Pokemon!

Pokemon is great if you have a wide imagination!

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Just grab your Ninendo DS or watch Pokemon on your TV!

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How Old Are You Now?

How Old Are You Now?

Well Club Penguin QTK Cheats is officially 2 years old!

That’s right! This blog has been up and about for 2 years! 🙂

Although I have resigned, It doesn’t mean new posts will be posted on the website!

Always check back because there will always be new posts!

~Qx4 Penpal

In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve resigned blogging for Cub Penguin. Through the years we have learned lots and made tons of new friends! Hopefully we let you know everything that was happening on Club Penguin.

I have chose to resign because of school work, My marks are started to decline about 5% which isn’t good. I have also been introduced to new things, I LOVE to play Call Of Duty! I even like to play Little Big Planet 😉 !

I still love to design, and blog. Don’t worry, I haven’t gave up, I still do many things on the computer. I am trying to get my hands on Cinema 4D because I would like to learn how to create 4D art.

I will for sure let you all know about what I am doing in my future!

Thanks like always!

Club Penguin QTK Cheats out.

~ Qx4 Penpal

Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker!

Did you find Rockhopper yet? Well right now he is waddling around the island. Do you need serious help? Here is a tracker that I made just for you! I hope you like it!

Tell me if it works! I hope it helps you!

~Qx4 Penpal

Club Penguin Yellow Puffle At The Mine?!

Club Penguin’s Mine was destroyed a while ago. It is still destroyed but this time, the Yellow Puffle is inside! Take a look!

I wonder what will happen. What do you think?

~Qx4 Penpal

Club Penguin Rockhopper Has Arrived!

Rockhopper is finally here on the Club Penguin Island!

And look what he has for sale!

Lots of old items… Oh well. And you know what else stinks? YARR is missing!!!!! Oh no! I can’t believe Rockhopper’s Pirate Puffle, YARR, is gone! Rockhopper is not worried about this. He says YARR jumped off the ship and ran right when they arrived to Club Penguin.

Where do you think YARR went? I think he went to go check out the new Orange Puffle. I think he would really like to meet his new brother.

A Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker will be up soon. So stay tuned!

~Qx4 Penpal

Club Penguin Series 7 Treasure Book!

Club Penguin has just released the latest treasure book! Series 7! Take a look!

cool right? I want a code so much! There is a new Super Exclusives page but I need a code to see it. I will try and get a picture asap.

~Qx4 Penpal